A startup company owned by Uri Ziv and Co.

The company develops computer-controlled systems technologies.
The company developed and patented a monitoring and locating system for shopping carts using digital signature.

The problems:

1. To the environment.

Abandoned shopping carts are becoming an increasing problem worldwide.
Shopping carts are being removed from grocery store property and are taken many blocks and in some cases miles from their original location.
These carts are being abandoned in ditches, bus stops, private property, driveways, sidewalks, middle of the road and in one case, the Foss waterway.
Preventing the cities as being seen as safe, clean and attractive abandoned shopping carts ultimately present those cities as unwelcoming cities – driving away new homeowners or businesses.
Local authorities, retailers and environmental charities spend millions of pounds each year returning trolleys to supermarket car parks.

2. To the supermarket stores.

In all supermarket stores across the world, especially those adjacent to living areas and/or industrial areas, carts disappear on daily basis and find their way to stairwells, city streets and even in private houses.
The damage caused to the stores, apart from the loss of the carts, is the need to allocate human resources in order to try and locate these carts and also the loss of clientele due to the lack of available carts.

The proposed solution:

Our company developed a system that monitor and locate shopping carts without any change or addition to the carts themselves.
The system prevents the release of a cart from its storage, when only after the customer identifies himself with his cell phone number, the cart can be released.
The system, according to the cell phone number inserted, recognizes and documents the customer´s name, address and the fact that there is a cart in his possession.
When the customer returns the cart back the system documents this action.
If the customer didn´t turn the cart back in a designated time, the customer´s name and address will be added to the " tracking carts " list.
This list will allow the store´s staff to locate and return most of the carts, given the assumption that the cart location is near the customer´s residency.

System advantages:

In order to release a cart from its storage, the customer needs only a cell phone, a device that is available to vast majority of the population, especially those who go shopping.
There is no "harm" to the customers which are the source of income and profit to the store.
The majority of customers will avoid not returning a cart after being noted to be "owing a cart".
Another opportunity to encourage the returning of a cart by giving incentives.
Money saving.

Who are we:

WheelGuard is a startup company specializing, among others developments, in giving solutions in locating shopping carts.
Needless to say, we are able to design a different solution according to the store´s will.
We employ engineers, steelworkers and engineering consulting services from all fields.

System demonstration (click on image for video)

Simulation of the cart passage process

Contact Information : Danny@Wheelguard.co.il